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08th Nov 2017

This News Reporter Really Wasn’t Bothered By Abuse From An Obnoxious Member Of The Public


Let’s take a moment to appreciate the travails that television news reporters around the world have to endure.

We’ve seen it time and again, where news people try to film a segment in a public area and some random jackass decides they want to get five minutes of fame in passing, usually by being incredibly annoying.

Australian journalist Maggie Raworth had one such moment earlier this week while in the middle of filming for Nine News, when a random man walking by decided he’d go on a rant about how vile journalists are, how he makes far more money than a journalist might make, and finished up with a plea of “make me famous, bitch”.

In the face of the abuse Raworth was clearly just waiting patiently for the individual to tire himself out — she even pulled out her phone to take a snap of the chap.

That’s how it’s done, people.

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