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24th Oct 2019

Cork woman blown away as re-enactment of Joker dance goes viral

Darragh Murphy

What started as a running joke about a pair of Fila runners has turned into a viral video for one Cork woman.

Laura Dorgan is astounded that her recreation of the famous dance scene from Joker has already been viewed more than 20,000 times in just a couple of days.

The Douglas woman, currently working and living in New York, hadn’t even planned on visiting the steps from the Joker movie last weekend but the way things worked out has ended in an unexpected viral hit.

Laura, a personal trainer who moved to New York a year ago, simply can’t believe the global reaction to her version of Arthur Fleck’s Joker dance.

Fleck, played by Joaquin Phoenix, fully morphs into his villainous alter-ego by dancing his way down the steps in a scene which many believe to be one of the most iconic in modern cinema history.

Laura’s experience, however, has been much less tragic.

“It became a thing earlier this year when I bought a pair of white Fila runners and put it on my Instagram stories but all my followers said that it looked awful,” Laura explained to

“So that was back in March or April and then my husband, Michael, bought me a pair of red Fila runners recently and we were planning to go on an open-top bus tour around New York last weekend but we woke up late and didn’t bother.

“Michael wanted to see the Joker steps so we said we’d go to the Bronx and check them out. There was a load of people there, all taking photos for social media and I took one but nearly ended up mangling Michael because, being a photographer and videographer, he was being very demanding about where I should put my arms and legs and everything for the perfect shot.

“I’d had a few drinks and after about 200 photos, we got a great shot and the confidence was in me at that point so I thought I’d give the dance a go. I gave myself a quick reminder on Michael’s phone and because I used to do step aerobics, I was sure I’d not fall over at the very least.

“I put the video up on Saturday night here but it was the middle of the night in Ireland so when I woke up and saw all the alerts on my phone, I actually thought there was a family emergency or something.

“It’s since been covered in Tokyo, Singapore and Ukraine and it’s just mental. Everyone is reaching out!

“Fila even emailed me and wanted to send something to me as a token of appreciation. I can’t believe how far it’s gone.”

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