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29th Aug 2018

Former Cork Mayor Says Airbnb Should Be Banned In Cork City


Airbnb rentals should be banned in Cork city until everyone has housing, the former Mayor, Des Cahill has said.

The Fine Gael councillor said the rise of short-term rentals is putting pressure on the city’s housing stock resulting in fewer houses for families in need.

According to the Irish Examiner, Mr Cahill said that until the severe shortages are addressed the short-term rentals should be banned in rent pressure zones.

Mr Cahill said: “It is clear the Government have identified pressure zones and week on week more houses are falling out of the private rental market into Airbnb which is just compounding the problem.”

The amount of Airbnb properties available in Cork city is about twice the amount of long-term properties available.

The Fine Gael councillor said he was open to looking at the situation when the crisis eases, and more accommodation becomes available.

The councillor said he has written to the Housing Minister, Eoghan Murphy, about the issue and spoke of the strict parameters that Airbnb have to adhere to in San Fransico, Berlin and Barcelona.

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