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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Cups Of Coffee To Try In Cork In 2015

Dylan Varian

Coffee is a sensitive subject for a lot of people. There have been many a debate over where to get the best cup of java for decades amongst friends and families. However in Cork there are a number of stand outs when it comes to coffee and here’s the top 10 you can get in the City in 2015.

10. Nespresso (Brown Thomas)


Not many people think of Brown Thomas as a place to go for a cup of coffee. But it’s easily one of the best cups you will get in town. And best of all? It’s free. Just head into the Nespresso section which is on the second floor of the store and ask them for a tester. The staff are more than happy to oblige and will get you whatever you like.

9. Clarion Hotel


The Clarion has easily the best atrium in Cork and it’s packed with plugs, seats and the wifi is top notch. Just sit down and work away on your laptop using the complimentary wifi and have one of the best cups of coffee Cork has to offer. The atmosphere here is amazing. If you’ve got some time to kill pop in here for some people watching while enjoying their coffee.

8. O’Conaills


Mainly known for its hot chocolate, O’Conaills does something which I had never heard of before and that’s mix coffee and hot chocolate together. Being a proper coffee snob I was nervous about trying this out, but damn my tastebuds nearly had an orgasm. I can’t recommend trying it out enough. A must try if you’re only in Cork for a short period of time.

7. Coffee Central


Coffee Central, based in the English Market, is another great place to take a break and people watch. You can sit down and enjoy the hustle and bustle going on around you in the Market all while enjoying a great cup of coffee. Definitely worth taking a look at.

6. Electric


Electric made our list for best places to grab a cup of coffee with wifi previously, and with good reason. On a nice sunny day you can sit out on the deck and take in the beautiful view and even when it’s not sunny out you can grab a seat inside and get to work. The staff are lovely and Electric has some of the best coffee in the entire City.

5. Sugarcube


Bang right next to Electric, Sugarcube is another great place to grab a coffee and get to work. However there’s something extra about their coffee and crepe combination that pulls them ahead on the list.

4. Cafe Gusto


Cafe Gusto, based on Washington Street, does a great coffee and is bang in the centre of the city. Why not grab a coffee to go and head to the park just down the road and relax there in the sun for an hour or two. And on top of the amazing location for the cafe, of course they do amazing coffee too.

3. Filter


These folks put their heart and soul into each cup of coffee and man does it show. I can’t recommend Filter enough and if you’re a proper coffee snob this is the place to go in Cork as you watch the staff in here work ther magic.

2. Cork Coffee Roasters


Many people expect Cork Coffee Roasters to be number one on this post, and rightfully so. It was a tough call between number 1 and 2 but Cork Coffee Roasters just slightly lost. That being said they still have some of the best coffee in Cork and if you ask anyone for a place to grab a cup this is one place that will without a doubt be on their list. The coffee here is some of the best I have ever tasted and I even keep their own brand of coffee at home for my own machine. Cork Coffee Roasters has almost become a landmark in the city it is that widely known for how good it is, so please do check it out.

1. Idaho Cafe


Oh man is their coffee good. And when I say good that doesn’t even do it justice. The cafe may be small but they put a lot of heart into every product they place in front of people and the coffee is no exception. Even the takeaway coffee, which is just 2 euro for any, is just amazing and you will always see someone about the city holding onto a cup from here for dear life in the fear someone may take it from them. On top of all of this the staff in there are easily the nicest human beings I have ever had the pleasure to deal with when in a cafe. I’d try the latte if I was you, it’s amazing. And Idaho Cafe is easily the handsdown winner of the best coffee in Cork.

What do you think? Anywhere we should have included or somehow missed out on? Let us know and we’ll get there and test the coffee and maybe it’ll make the cut the next time!