27 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Cork Right Now

You won't be short of things to do and see in the Rebel County


Cork is Ireland's second largest city, but according to the locals it's the "real capital".

The River Lee flows in two channels through this incredibly dynamic city, which includes lively pubs, historic buildings and an abundance of things to do and see. So here are 27 excuses for you to pack your bags and come visit the Rebel County of Ireland!

1. There's an incredible variety of fresh produce at the English Market


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2. You can enjoy a vibrant artisan food scene that surrounds the county


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3. It's home to Ireland's most renowned country house and cookery school Ballymaloe


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4. There's a strong jazz influence to be felt right throughout the city – especially during the upcoming jazz festival


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5. Not to mention it's home to Indiependence, one of Ireland's best festivals


6. University College Cork boasts one of the most beautiful campuses out there


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7. They've raised some incredible sportsmen and women


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8. You'll find the finest selection of beer, lager and stout in Cork in the Franciscan Well Brewery, which dates all the way back to 1219 – and is a cracking location to enjoy a pint


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9. You can take a stroll around the stunning Fitzgerald Park (and try the shaky bridge)


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10. Or visit the breathtaking Fota Island Wildlife Park


11. It's home to the famous Murphy's Stout, and the smell of hops defines the south of the city


12. And it's basically packed to the rafters with amazing pubs


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13. The Marquee gigs in the summer are unmissable


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14. As is the atmosphere at Páirc Uí Chaoimh on a match day


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15. The tallest building in Ireland is in Cork city


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16. And the River Lee that runs through the city is a great spot for a leisurely stroll


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17. The gorgeous history-packed town of Cobh is a stone's throw away


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18. Corkonians are the best in Ireland when it comes to being super-hospitable


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19. You can spend an evening in the modern Opera House (the old one burned down, and gave Corkonians a great chance to show how they turn a crisis into opportunity...)


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20. You can also head to sunny Kinsale for the day, which has a disproportionate number of top-class restaurants


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21. Or go and kiss the majestic Blarney Stone


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22. Or taste the delicious delights from Clonakilty


23. You could visit any one of the many Druid stone circles


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24. Or experience a taste of Irish heritage at the Jameson Distillery near Midleton


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25. You can capture Cork from a different angle by kayaking on the River Lee


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26. Or even more daringly, try a trip to the former prison on Spike Island


27. And if you're looking for a real excuse to visit Cork – it's the people here that really make it an incredible place


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