PICS: This Baby Spider Monkey Has Just Made Its First Big Appearance At Fota Wildlife

A little something to brighten up your Friday morning

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As if your Friday couldn't get any sweeter, we have some adorable pictures of a baby Colombian spider monkey for you to enjoy.

Born to parents Batty and dad Arnold, the newborn primate's gender is not yet known so it has yet to be given a name.

Although the monkey was born on April 4, its mother has been holding it close and keeping it hidden from the view of the public. 

Until now that is.

Mon 1
Mon 2
Mon 3
Mon 4
Mon 5


Speaking on the wildlife park's new member, Primate Lead Warden Teresa Power said,

Births in the wildlife park are always special but the birth of such a critically endangered species is a joyous event and a great reminder of why breeding programmes in Wildlife Parks and Zoos are so important.

We know where we're going this weekend...


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