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05th Oct 2021

This Greystones café is serving a stunning breakfast muffin for when you’re on the go

Katy Thornton

For those mornings where you just can’t get yourself up to make any breakfast

When you’re having to peel yourself out of bed, the last thing you’re thinking about is making breakfast. Most people just end up skipping it altogether, and then finding themselves starving by 10am. Well, Tall Boy Toasties in Greystones has just found a solution for all those people who prioritise their sleep.

Two weeks ago Tall Boy Toasties started serving the “Grab & Go” breakfast muffin melt. Inside is a home-made sausage patty, an egg, some delicious tomato chilli relish, and a blanket of melted cheese. They start serving these from 7am so now you have no excuse to skip breakfast.

Tall Boy Toasties serves the breakfast muffin melt Tuesday to Friday from 7-10am. Perfect for those morning commuters.

Header image via Instagram/tallboytoasties

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