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18th Aug 2018

12 Stages We All Experience When We Commit To A Netflix Series

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

A new kind of relationship has come about in recent years. It’s one that is strong and true, one that you really value in your everyday life, one that you can’t imagine your life without… yep we’re talking about a relo with Netflix.

A Netflix relationship is that time in your life when you commit to a series. You can’t bear to watch anything else on the streaming site and you find yourself binging on episode after episode daily. You’re always itching to see what happens next and you’ve began to force your friends to watch it.

Sound a little familiar?

Here are some feelings us Netflix heads know a little too well:

1. Scouring Netflix For Something, ANYTHING

You’ve decided you want to start a new series, but you want it to be good, worth watching. You spend more time during this period scrolling through the programmes available rather than actually watching them.

You pick a few, watch a few episodes but nothing is really clicking with you.

2. You Find Something You Think You Might Like

Ok, so you’ve picked something and you’ve watched the first episode. You decide you want to watch more. You decide this could be good.

You continue watching it.

3. It’s A Bit Meh, You’re Disappointed

So that programme you thought you were going to love? Yeh, it’s not doing much for you. It’s time to abort and find something better before you end up wasting any more time on this one.

4. You’ve Found It

So you end up watching something else and you’re starting to really like it, in fact hey, you’ve gotten through the first season and you’re kind of loving it.

5. You Begin To Disregard Every Other Programme

You’re getting really into this series and you’re binging like a mofo. You’ve stopped watching films or documentaries in between episodes. You’ve even turned down watching a movie with your housemates because you just have to find out what’s going to happen next.

6. The Obsession Continues

You’ve completely and utterly committed to this series. You think about it regularly and any time anyone asks for a Netflix recommendation you can’t help but force them to pick your option.

You’ve began to tweet about it on social media, you’re making your relationship public – Big move.

7. You’re Absolutely Racing Through It

It’s gotten to the stage where any spare time you have is spent watching this series. You can’t help it you just have to get to the end. You find yourself staying up past your bedtime to finish off a season and being super tired the next day.

You don’t even move on the weekends, they are spent with your laptop on your stomach and your eyes on the screen.

You’ve even began to stream it on your morning commute. You just can’t get enough.

8. The End Is In Sight

You can see yourself getting to the end of the show and you’re really binging this time. You tell yourself that as soon as it’s finished you will get back to your normal lifestyle and you won’t allow yourself to get this caught up in a series again.

You’re getting to the final few episodes and your heart is racing.

9. Fin

You see the credits appear, it’s 2am-ish because you couldn’t go to bed until it was finished. You slowly close your laptop down and reflect on how you felt about that last episode, will there be another season?

You goddam hope so!

10. Withdrawal Symptoms

You find yourself having so much free time, and you don’t like it.

You really miss watching the show and you’re raging with yourself for watching it so quickly.

Why did you do that?

11. Boredom

You’re bored AF.

You realise that Netflix is the best thing to happen in your life. You begin to look for another show to binge on.

12. Repeat

Repeat steps 1-11.

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