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02nd Oct 2018

11 Struggles Of Having The Flu That We Know All Too Well


It’s winter and that can only mean one thing: you’re bound to be hit with a massive case of the flu.

From runny noses to aches and pains, there’s nothing worse than having a bad dose.

You dose up on Lemsip, carry tissues with you everywhere and you just want to curl up in bed and die.

Seeing as how it’s flu season, here’s 11 tweets that sum up the struggles we all know too well when battling against a flu or cold.

1. Lemsip cures all, right?

2. When our other half has the ‘man flu’

3. ‘But it’s just the flu, you can work…’

4. Sometimes it just creeps up on you…

5. You try all types of medicine to try help you survive

6. Staying in bed all day means one thing…Netflix!

7. When you haven’t caught it yet but know you should plan ahead

8. Contemplating whether you should have gotten the flu shot or not…

9. Questioning if you’re getting the flu or is it just hayfever

10. So…many…tissues

11. And the worse yet is when you take care of your other half and catch it off them…thanks

If you have the flu now – what tweet best describes your experience?

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