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04th May 2018

11 Surefire Signs That Summer Has Well And Truly Hit Ireland


Summer is a wonderful time for many, many people.

Days get longer, skin gets tanned and you’re abuzz with the relaxed and warm atmosphere.

That is, unless you’re in Ireland. 

Summer here in Éire is a little different. The seasons go by so quickly that you can forget that in other parts of the world people are sunning themselves while you’re taking your raincoat out in July.

So if you’re under the impression that we’re not in the middle of Summer, keep an eye out fo these signs:

 1. Lashing rain

Nothing says summer like a walk in the rain, does it?

2. Crippling sunburn

When we do get our day (singular of sunshine), we usualy feel the pain from it for days afterwards.

Shutterstock 425440693

3. Tourists

So many tourists. Be it Spanish, American, they take over our little streets. 

Shutterstock 303143519 1

4. Runny nose and itchy eyes

Summer time = hayfever time = hell.

5. Thunder and lightning

There’s no more romantic way to spend a Summer’s evening, amirite?

6. Sunglasses become a key part of your outfit

Even if there’s no visible sun, there’s a glare okay?!

Shutterstock 204841843

7. Wearing several layers

Scarves never really go out of fashion in Ireland; they’re an all season thing.

8. Eating outside becomes a thing

Even though you’re shivering and trying to fight the flies away.

Shutterstock 443829739

9. There’s constantly an umbrella in your bag

Because you wouldn’t dare leave the house without one.

10. 99s

There is daily office run to the shop for ice cream because it’s Summer goddammit. 

11. There’s a grand ‘aul stretch in the evening

The most important, the most iconic, the ultimate sign of Summer in Ireland. 

If you don’t comment on the stretch evening and notice how grand it is, then are you even spending Summer in Ireland?

Did we leave anything important out?

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