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15th Jul 2017

17 GIFs That Will Resonate With Anyone Who Is Consistently Tormented By Hayfever


Summer in Ireland is generally three things:

  • Inclement
  • Fierce close
  • And laden with pollen as far as the eye can see

Our pollen count is as high as the day is long, and our little noses simply can’t hack it. 

God bless them. 

But at least we can all bask in the truth knowing that we’re most certainly not alone…

1. Summer begins

2. You await three months of utter torture

At least. 

3. The whole world becomes your tissue

4. Your skull becomes a battlefield

5. Yet you stride on

6. And attempt to go on with your normal day

7. Until you swiftly realise that everything you own is covered in tears and snot

8. And you curse the day pollen was invented

9. Your colleagues grimace in fear

Suggesting you take your diseased body elsewhere. 


10. And then you get weepy because your life is shit and you have consistently leaked for days

11. And then the tears bring more mucus

Anigif Enhanced 24313 1411362843 7

12. And then it’s a weird crying/sneezing mess that makes you sort of feel like you wish you were dead 

Anigif Enhanced 21917 1411367228 1

13. And then the medicine kicks in

14. And all is right with the world once more 

15. Until…

Anigif Enhanced 4472 1411367857 2

16. It all begins once more

Anigif Enhanced Buzz 25086 1411363939 6

17. And you begin praying for Winter

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