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19th Sep 2019

A Double-Decker Gaming Bus Will Be Open For Business From Next Week

James Fenton

Are you planning a party for the gamer in your life? Look no further than this incredible-looking Gaming Bus which is set to wheel its way into our lives from next week.

The double-decker will cater for groups of up to 30 players and with its mix of old-school classics and modern favourites, it looks like it will appeal to gamers of all ages.

Boasting retro machines with over 6,000 games, the vehicle will also feature 14 PS4 Pro consoles accompanied by the likes of FIFA 20, Spiderman, Fortnite and loads more.

That’s not all as there will also be two driving simulators and if there’s anyone in your party who might be less enthusiastic about gaming, they can enjoy party bags, unlimited popcorn and unlimited slushies. Living the dream, right there.

Ahead of the launch, the team told Lovin that ‘what makes us different to small party vans or party buses is that the top floor is dedicated to gaming, while the bottom floor is dedicated to the party or event and also caters for adults to play retro games while the younger people enjoy the gaming experience upstairs.’

Sounds like fun for all the family. The team added that ‘the bus is self-sufficient and does not need an electrical plugin to a house.’ They intend to cover Dublin and surrounding areas including parts of Meath and Kildare and there will be confirmation and communion packages available.

More information about what’s on offer can be read below. has promised its followers a guided online tour next week and you can follow the company on Instagram here.

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