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09th Nov 2021

A recap of the evening 4 million people posted a picture of their pet

Fiona Frawley

It started out like any other day.

Sure, the odd cat meme here and there, or the usual reel of a dog befriending a family of ducks.

But sometime after midday, everything started to change. Everyone and their granny once removed was responding to the “we’ll plant one tree for every pet picture” photo box on Insta, and I personally was far too busy enjoying the sudden influx of Shih Tzus and labradoodles to stop and wonder where these supposed trees were coming from. Was this just some lad in his room who wanted to see a few pet pics, and thought he could just plant a shrub or two out the back in exchange? It would appear the truth isn’t too far off.

The page behind the craze, Plant a Tree Co, confirmed last night on Instagram that they deleted the post ten minutes after sharing, as they quickly realised they didn’t have the resources to plant this many trees. Even after being deleted, the post was shared 4 million times. Plant A Tree Co have now created a fundraiser seeking support in the way of $1.3 million to actually plant the trees. What a rollercoaster, honestly.

As with any internet craze, you can delete the post but the  TikToks and memes are forever. These kids are quick. Here are some of our fave responses:

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