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18th Dec 2017

Acclaimed Irish Movie ‘Cardboard Gangsters’ Makes Its TV Debut Tonight

James Fenton

It’s the last Monday before Christmas and your social life if probably going to get more hectic as we move closer to the big day. This gives you the perfect excuse to get into your pyjamas after work tonight and settle down with a decent movie. 

TV3 is providing us with the perfect opportunity to do just that by airing Cardboard Gangsters, one of the most critically-acclaimed Irish movies of 2017. Set in Darndale in north Dublin, the movie tells the story of small-time criminals aiming to achieve more money and power in the face of various financial and social problems. 

The gritty move directed by Mark O’Connor and starring John Connors of Love/Hate fame has been described in the Irish Times as ‘as close to a Dublin Boyz n the Hood as we could have hoped. It’s noisy, loud, violent and sad. Cult popularity beckons.’

Cardboard Gangsters gets underway tonight on TV3 at 9pm and you can get a taster of what’s in store by clicking on the above trailer.

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