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26th Mar 2018

WATCH: This Awkward First Date Moment From Tomorrow’s Episode Is Almost Too Cringey To Watch


The last episode of this First Dates Ireland series airs tomorrow night, and we’re already wondering how we’ll fill our Tuesday evenings when it’s over.


And although this is the last episode in what has been a very cringe-worthy, awkward, heart breaking and at times adorable series, it looks like they may have saved the best until last.

RTÉ 2 shared a teaser of tomorrow’s episode, and things seem to get a little awkward on one particular date when personal information is revealed by one dater.

While on a date, one man (we haven’t learned of their names just yet), surprised his date when he revealed that he has a 25-year-old daughter. 

Much to his dater’s shock, she asks: “You’ve a 25 year old?!”, to which he replies: “I started young.”

We’ll say no more. Check out the video below. 

First Dates Ireland airs on Tuesday night at 9:30pm on RTÉ 2.

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