Beautiful South singer puts pints behind bars across Ireland to celebrate his 60th birthday

By Fiona Frawley

May 9, 2022 at 1:08pm


A pint for whoever.

Usually when you celebrate a milestone birthday, you might have a drink or two bought for you.

Paul Heaton of The Beautiful South has taken the opposite approach, and is marking his 60th (which falls today, 9th May) by putting a few drinks behind the bar in some of his favourite pubs across the UK and Ireland.

In a post on Twitter, Paul explained that he'd originally planned to celebrate with a bicycle tour, visiting and performing at 60 pubs across the UK and Ireland. However, due to recording delays as a result of the pandemic, he came up with an alternative.

The singer wrote:

I’ve decided that the best way to celebrate this coming of age is to handpick 60 pubs across the UK and Ireland and put a given amount of money behind the bar of each one. Then, both regulars and yourselves can enjoy a birthday drink on me (until the money runs out, or the bar runs dry!)


He added that the intention is to bring people together, acknowledging that many people who bought his records or were fans of his music over the years could do with a “wee party” as we come out of covid.

Irish pubs on the list are as follows:

  • Robinsons Bar – Great Victoria St, Belfast
  • Eddie Murphys – Thomastown, Kilkenny
  • Peadar O’Donnells – Waterloo St, Derry
  • The Punters Rest – Tipperary
  • The Sky on the Ground – Whitewell, Wexford
  • Courtney’s Bar – Killarney, Kerry
  • Kehoes – Dublin
  • Tig Coili – Latin Quarter, Galway
  • Bonners Corner Bar – Ballybofey, Donegal

If you find yourself close to any of these spots today, pop in for a pint on Paul!


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