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24th Feb 2020

Brian McFadden and John Connors were involved in a bizarre Twitter spat over the weekend

James Fenton

Brian McFadden is making a habit of throwing some social media shade so it should come as no surprise that he was involved in another high-profile Twitter spat over the weekend.

Just weeks after he had a go at Eminem for looking like ‘Screech from Saved By The Bell’, Brian McFadden has picked another target for his razor-sharp Twitter barbs. This time it was Irish actor John Connors who had insults rained down on him from the former Westlife man and, unsurprisingly in this day and age, it all started with comment by Donald Trump.

McFadden shared an article in which the POTUS was quite disparaging about South Korean movie Parasite, which recently won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Brian appeared to agree with Trump, posting ‘we were all thinking the same’ before Connors responded with the words ‘F*ck the awards they’re shite but Parasite was f*cking masterpiece! Brian, you don’t know good music never mind films. Stick to the dodgy harmonies.’

The Artane man wasn’t going to take that lying down and hit back with ‘ I’ve been making music and touring for over 21 years. You played yourself in Love Hate and think you’re Russell Crowe,’ complete with some obligatory laughing emojis. Connors then went straight for the jugular by typing ‘Brian. Your “Music” is a stain on Irish culture. You should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Westlife dumped you and you can’t get over it.’ 

With more than a hint of sarcasm, Brian said John’s words were ‘brilliant’ and ‘very creative’ and after some more toing and froing, Connors eventually invited McFadden to settle things in the ring by challenging him to a charity boxing match.

McFadden has yet to reply to Connors’ proposal which would indicate that he’s not too keen but if he packs a punch as well as he starts Twitter beef, he could well give Connors a run for his money.

Forget Fury v Joshua. McFadden v Connors is the scrap everyone wants to see in 2020.