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13th Oct 2018

WATCH: This Boy Band Caused Manic Scenes On ‘The Graham Norton Show’ Last Night

James Fenton

Oh, you’ve never heard of BTS? Don’t sweat it, Gramps.

The K-Pop boy band are currently taking over the globe with chart-topping music, appearances on the cover of TIME magazine and, now, an interview on The Graham Norton Show.

For those not familiar with K-Pop, it’s basically a genre of South Korean pop/hip-hop music which has gained popularity far beyond its country of origin. While groups such as Girls’ Generation, Big Bang and EXO have gained worldwide fame in the past, it would seem that the popularity of BTS is on another level.

The seven-piece outfit (minus one who was too unwell to attend) had the audience in hysterics since the moment they introduced themselves and the likes of Jamie Dornan and Whoopi Goldberg didn’t know where to look with all the madness.

Firstly, the lads performed their song Idol to much acclaim…

They then settled in on the sofa for a chat, in between screams of appreciation from the audience…

That reaction is like Take That, the Backstreet Boys and The Beatles all rolled into one and they even managed to bag Whoopi’s shirt. Not a bad night’s work.

As of yet, there doesn’t seem to be plans for a BTS appearance in Ireland but we can only imagine the scenes at the 3 Arena if the lads ever head over here.

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