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10th Sep 2018

PICS: There’s A “Dangerous” Cougar On The Loose In This Irish County And Everyone’s Making The Same Joke

Darragh Berry

There’s a large cat on the loose in Ireland which is believed to be a ‘Cougar’ also known as a Puma.

The animal has been described as “looking like a labrador dog with a much longer tail” and the Cork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (CSPCA) confirmed that several sightings have been reported in the region.

The reports have been described as “too credible to ignore” and the public are being warned not to approach the animal.

Speaking one RTE Radio One’s Morning Ireland, Vincent Cashman from CSPCA said they are currently trying to identify the animal.

“We have set up some trail cameras in the places the animal has been seen previously so we can try and track the animal and get an ID on it,” Mr Cashman said.

“It sounds very far fetched but it’s not impossible and the reports that we’ve received from landowners and people are credible and worthy of further investigation.

“Sometimes we do receive reports of large cats and they may be feral cats.

“The description of this animal is that it looks like a labrador with a much longer tail.”

“We are pinning sightings on maps and working out where it moves to… in the wild, a puma or a cougar would travel in an area of 300 square miles.”

The animal has been described as a danger to the public and to livestock but that still didn’t stop people from making the same joke online…

Won’t be so funny when ye get eaten, lads.

Back in July, Gardaí were called after a large snake was found in an Irish park, you can find pictures of the snake here.

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