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26th Jan 2020

‘Derry Girls’ star Siobhan McSweeney and Niall Horan are unlikely friends after ‘Late Late’ appearance

Sarah Finnan

Siobhan and Niall are best friends

The friendship we never knew we needed.

Derry Girls star Siobhan McSweeney and Irish singer Niall Horan both appeared as guests on the Late Late Show this past Friday and it appears that they have become unlikely friends.

Speaking to host Ryan about everything from her role as Sister Michael to her supposed “notions”, Siobhán won the nation over with her Cork charm.

Music on the night came from global superstar and former One Direction band member Niall Horan who performed his hit single Nice To Meet Ya.

And while the duo never actually met on the show, they’ve been bantering on Twitter ever since and well, it’s really making us want Nialler to make a guest appearance on Derry Girls.

It all started when Siobhán tweeted a photo from the night.

Photoshopping Niall into the pic, she captioned it:

“Thank you @RTELateLateShow for the most wonderful night. Sorry about the photo but @NiallOfficial really wanted to be in it. Ok ok, I said. Calm down Niall, I said. Morto for him.”

Responding to the message, Niall wrote back:

Siobhan McSweeney and Niall Horan are unlikely pals

To be honest, we’re fairly ragin as well. It looks like they’d be the absolute best of friends.

The craic doesn’t end there though, with Siobhán proving she’s a complete legend and answering that they’ll “have to do pints some other time”.

Even co-star Nicola Coughlan, who plays Clare Devlin on the hit series, got involved.

Derry Girls stars and Niall Horan are best pals

Very here for a blossoming friendship been Siobhan McSweeney, Niall Horan and Nicola Coughlan…perhaps, there’s hope for a future Derry Girls/One Direction crossover after all. Sláinte to that lads and lassies.

(Header image courtesy of @siobhni)

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