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28th Mar 2018

A Gripping Documentary About Bobby Sands And The Troubles Has Been Added To Netflix


A few months ago the BBC aired a documentary about one of the most famous people involved in the Troubles in the North of Ireland.

The documentary, Bobby Sands: 66 Days, explored the life and death of Irish republican Bobby Sands.

In 1981, Sands went on a 66-day long hunger strike to be classified as a political prisoner, attracting the attention of the world to the Republican cause.

The spine of the film, which was directed by award winning filmmaker Brendan J Byrne, is comprised of Sands’ own words which were taken from the diary he kept while on hunger strike.

And now, for anyone who didn’t catch it when it aired last year, it’s finally available to watch on Netflix.

And if you have two hours to spare this weekend, it’s seriously worth checking this one out. 

Check out the trailer for the documentary below. 

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