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Euro Giant Is Selling The Perfect Party Game For Gin Lovers

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The nation’s love affair with gin is showing no signs of slowing down, and now you can play a gin game at your gin party with your gin-loving pals! 

We’ll admit, the gin craze is getting a bit out of hand, but if you want to milk it while it lasts, this party game will probably be right up your street.

Euro Giant has a great deal on a game called Gin Fling at the moment – it’s basically beer pong with gin, but you’d feel a whole lot posher doing it.

For just €5 you can pick up the game which includes 12 gin glasses and four green ping pong balls. 

If your opponent lands their ball in your glass, you take a drink etc etc 

Gin Fling

This would be ideal to pick up last minute for a New Year’s Eve house party or the likes!

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