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08th Dec 2017

Experts Say These Tips Will Stop You Making A Show Of Yourself At The Work Christmas Party

James Fenton

Got your work Christmas do tonight? Are you worried about have that one extra glass of vino which will make you switch from pleasant company to an absolute nightmare to be around? Read on.

The Wall Street Journal has published tips from etiquette experts on how prevent inappropriate behaviour at festive shindigs. 

According to the article, these annual parties are ‘an important part of belonging to a workplace, an opportunity to network, and have fun with your colleagues.’

However, the nature of having a few drinks with people you wouldn’t normally can bring on some pre-drinking fear in some people. So how can you prevent making a show of yourself? These four tips should help:

1. You can drink, but keep it light

Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, a behaviour and relationship expert, says: ‘Don’t be lured into thinking that you’re at a party with your friends. You might get a huge laugh if you’re the guy or lady standing on the bar with the lampshade on your head, but that can be career suicide the next day. People will view that as an absence of self control, whether that’s fair or not.’

Note to self – no lampshades on head. 

2. Network with higher-ups and lesser-known colleagues

According to Jacqueline Whitmore, an etiquette expert who wrote the e-book The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Parties, ‘“It’s a good opportunity for you to mingle with people like the higher-ups and the people you don’t see everyday who can be influential in your life.’

All well and good but Dr. Tublin counters: “Don’t go up to them and start asking them for a raise or badmouthing anybody.”

Save the pay rise chat for January, we guess.

3. Don’t take any risks with your outfit

Dr. Tublin says to keep things appropriate. “Even though this is a party, it’s a holiday and you’re having a good time, you can’t lose sight of the fact that office holiday parties are a work function.”

She adds that Christmas-themed earrings and novelty jumpers are okay if you’re feeling in the spirit. 

4. Thank the host — but don’t waste his or her time

Whoever organises the bash, be it your manager or the owner of the company, be sure to express your gratitude. 

Etiquette expert Maralee McKee says “If you don’t think they know your name, introduce yourself and what department you’re in. Then let it go. If the boss carries on the conversation, then of course carry one. But you never want to monopolise a host’s time because they have to spread it among everyone.”

Keep the yapping to a minimum. 

You should be all set now. Here’s to a fear-free weekend.

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