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03rd Oct 2018

PIC: Someone Spotted A ‘Fake Taxi’ Tractor Driving On Irish Roads And The Internet Blew Up

Darragh Berry

We’ve heard, and we stress the word heard here, that some porn sites have videos entitled ‘fake taxi’.

Never came across it…

The concept behind the videos are basically what they say on the tin, a girl enters the taxi and pays for the fare without using money.

So. We’ve. Heard.

Anyway, a ‘Fake Taxi’ tractor has been spotted on Irish roads and everyone thought that they might be filming some sort of an Irish version…

On an Irish road…

In a tractor…

We just don’t think it’d get the same views somehow…

Fake Taxi Tractor Main

Photo credit: Reddit.

“There’ll be some ploughing in that tractor”.

“Be hard to get a filming crew in there.”

“Where’s the secret filming location going to be,” were just some of the wise jokes cracked by people as the Fake Taxi Tractor shot down the road.

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