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14 Things Everyone Remembers From First Year Of Secondary School

By Rebecca Stafford

June 11, 2019 at 11:00am


Who remembers going into first year and making that awkward transition from child into a teenager and trying to learn all the ropes?

You went from being king/queen of the schoolyard to just another little minion. 

How many of these can you remember?

1. Having Ginormous School Bags

They were like mini suitcases.

2. Getting Lost All The Time

That map they gave you didn't help at all.

3. Being Scared Of Everything

Legit everything, other people in your year, your teachers, your lockers.

4. Following All The Rules, Even The Ones You Knew You Could Get Away With

She's not gonna check the homework anyways but yeno I'm still going to do it.

5. Actually Doing All Your Homework The Night You Get It

And having all your homework done on Friday night too.

6. Studying For Exams Over The Week

In first year you can't get anything lower than a B so instead of cramming they were smart, if only we weren't as lazy now.

7. Getting Your First Bad Note

The horror.

8. Not Knowing Anyone

If you're one of those lucky people who went to secondary school with all your mates from primary, then this doesn't apply to you be thankful that you weren't thrown into a school with strangers.

9. Doing As Many Extra Curricular Activities As Possible

Remember being an over achiever?

10. When You Get Moved Seats And You're Put With Someone You Don't Know

'What's your name again?'

11. Being Teeny Tiny

The good times before puberty kicked in *shudders*

12. Sprinting To Your Locker Every Time You Need To Go To It

And we're off to the races.

13. Running To Get A Bus Or A Train

It's still gonna be there in five minutes no need to run for something that isn't already there but what if it came early and you missed it?

14. Becoming Comfortable In School And Getting Lazy

Who needs homework anyways?

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