Dingle Has A Brand New Eatery In Its Ranks - And Let Us Tell You, It's Worth The Trip

By katedemolder

November 21, 2017 at 6:10pm



When the food capital of Ireland, Dingle, announces that a new café has joined their omni-delicious ranks - gourmands the country over make it their business to find out all they can about the new digs, and may even make the trip down to The Kingdom, to sample the new good for themselves.

And that's exactly what we did for My Boy Blue.

The southwestern peninsula holds high standards in terms of food, flavour and attention to detail - which are three things the new café boast in droves.

With dishes such as Buttermilk Pancakes, Huevos Rancheros and Harissa Eggs - you'd think this place should be situated on a busy Dublin street - but no, the crew behind the gorgeous new eatery have moved out west, bringing their style, substance and flair with them.


We spoke to man-of-the-hour and brains-behind-the-operation, Stephen Brennan, who humbly informed us of how the café went from new beginnings to becoming one of Dingle's more popular spots.

''I was working in banking in Dublin for years before I eventually had enough. The thought of spending the rest of my life doing that freaked me out! I have a background in the hospitality industry as I worked in my father's pub for years when I was younger, and I’ve had a keen interest in coffee culture for the last number of years. I was also working in a friends restaurant in Killarney for the last year and a half chefing, waiting, barista-ing etc to ease myself into going out on my own.''

''My girlfriend Amy is from Dingle and is helping me run the place. The lads in the kitchen (Dave & Jack) are both from the US but like many have been drawn to West Kerry.''

Stephen went on to tell us about the inspiration for their tempting, yet wholesome, menu.


''I wanted to offer something a bit different to the usual greasy fry-ups commonly found. We’ve had lots of tourists (and locals!) who have been in and commented on how great it is to see some greens and healthier options on the menu – it makes a change from what they’ve found on their travels around the country!''

''Speciality coffee has really branched out from being confined to the cities over the last few years. Obviously 3FE has a great following and I'm delighted that My Boy Blue has brought it as far west as Dingle!''

And yes, we got the skinny on the question you're all wondering...

''The first thing people ask is about the name ‘My Boy Blue’. Obviously people know it from the film ‘Oldschool’, and if that makes them happy then I’ll go with that! Truth is there’s no single reason. I had the colour scheme in mind, and was looking for a name that was a bit different.''

Healthy food? 3FE Coffee? Oldschool references?


What have we done to deserve such pleasures?

But they're not even the best bit, my friends.

The truth is - everyone who has the pleasure of entering My Boy Blue is immediately pleasantly surprised by the warmness, openness and welcoming nature of Stephen, Amy and all others working at the helm, keeping everything afloat.

Nevermind your perfect menu and extremely good coffee - they're just secondary!

My Boy Blue is as cordial as it is impressive, with something on the menu for everyone - and an ambience to be enjoyed by all. 


My Boy Blue is located at Holyground, Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry. 

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