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31st Oct 2018

PIC: Irish Person’s Rude Pumpkin Will Make Sure They Got No Trick Or Treaters This Year

Darragh Berry

When it comes to Halloween, you’re probably one of either two people.

You love the holiday, love dressing up and if you’ve nowhere to go on October 31st, you’ve probably stocked up with sweets at home for trick or treaters as well as having your house decorated while carving various amounts of pumpkins.

Or, you hate the sight of Halloween, refuse to answer your door to anyone and have all the lights turned off, making your house look more creepy than if it was littered with skeletons.

This Irish person is obviously the latter and while they have managed to kind of get in the Halloween spirit by carving out a pumpkin, they also decided to put a message on it for anyone who even thinks about calling.

Fuck Off Pumpkin Main

Credit: Reddit irishsurfer93

“I wonder will they get the message this year,” they say.

Yeah, we think they got it loud and clear, you meanie.

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