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15th Mar 2018

PIC: American’s Idea Of “Full Irish Breakfast” To Celebrate Paddy’s Day Will Make You Cry

Darragh Berry

My eyesssss, it burnsssss.

We’re actually speechless. If you’re going to attempt a Full Irish fry-up, at least give it a quick google first and see what it’s supposed to look like.


It’s not JedLeland’s fault. They were just simply passing on the message over Reddit about a photo of an American cafeteria at someone’s work who had a go at cooking up a Full Irish for Paddy’s week.

We don’t even know where to start. 

We can make out the sausages, they’re a (Shay) Given but as for the rest, we actually don’t know what’s going on. 

Full Irish March 2

First mistake, not even a plate to be seen. St. Patrick did not spend 40 days and 40 nights on Croagh Patrick in the pissing rain for this.

There’s a burnt rasher, a mushroom? Is that yellow thing an egg or the submarine that The Beatles were on about and we assume that those things lying on the yellow beast are beans.

Before you go off frys FOREVER, have a look at the one in Gerry’s or Café Sofia to calm you down.

We’re sure you can do better than this. No, scrap that, we know you can do way better than this. Feel free to send some pictures of your best Full Irish attempts in the comments. 

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