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24th Nov 2021

Here’s how to watch the Toy Show from anywhere in the world this weekend

Fiona Frawley

Along with a list of local times for when the magic will kick off!

If you grew up in Ireland, it’s probable you never really grew out of your love of the Toy Show. It’s something that lives on within us and rightly so, it’s the best night of the year. And if you or someone you know is living abroad and planning on catching this years instalment, RTÉ have just shared a list of times the Toy Show will be on player in cities all over the world:

Playing times have been listed for everywhere from Vancouver to Tokyo, so you’ll be able to tune into the Toy Show at the same time as your family and friends. Hey, it might be 8:35am and the middle of summer in Sydney, but you can still lash on the Christmas pjs, make a hot chocolate and tune in as Laura from Laois gives her review of the newest LOL Dolls, or Timmy from Tipp tap dances to Taylor Swift. Most importantly, you’ll be able to live tweet along with the rest of the big kids (best part of the night, in my humble opinion).

The Late Late Toy Show kicks off this Friday at 9:35pm Irish time on RTÉ One, and you can watch it from anywhere in the world on RTÉ Player.

Header image via Instagram/latelaterte

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