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12th Jul 2017

Here’s Where Ireland Ranks In The ‘World’s Laziest Countries’


Are you a lazy bones or does taking the shortcut version of life make you absolutely lived? Be honest – if you’ve ever phoned a parent from your bedroom rather than walking downstairs you’re a complete lazy lump.

US scientists have now collected date worldwide from smartphones to see how active each country is, The Journal reports.

The Standford University research analyses 68 million days’ worth of data to work out the average  number of steps daily for almost one million people, with the  average number of steps worldwide per day working out at 4,961.

Hong Kong came out on top with an average of 6,880 steps a day, while Indonesia was at the bottom with an average of just 3,513. In fairness if we had those beautiful beaches right on our doorstep we wouldn’t be walking much either.

And Ireland?

Although the research doesn’t say the exact number of steps taken on average in Ireland, their colour coded map shows that we’re on a similar level to the UK which has an average of 5,444 steps.

The research doesn’t outline the exact average of steps taken in Ireland, however the colour coded map shows that steps taken here are on a similar level to the UK, which comes in at an average of 5,444 steps.

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So we’re not too lazy. We hope.

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