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30th Apr 2020

If you’re loving Beat The Chasers then you better enjoy it while it lasts

James Fenton

Beat The Chasers has been one of the TV sensations of the week, with quiz fans really taking to the spin-off of ITV’s The Chase.

Here in Ireland, viewers have been enjoying Beat The Chasers on Virgin Media every night at 9pm but many won’t realise that we’re already over halfway through its run.

Only five episodes of the new version of the massively popular quiz show have been made and with three already aired, that leaves just two more. Friday night’s edition of Beat The Chasers will be the last one for now but Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan has called on viewers to throw their weight behind a second series.

When asked on Twitter how many episodes have been made, she responded ‘just five, we’re here all week’ before saying ‘if you are enjoying Beat The Chasers and would like to see another series, let the bosses at  @itv know!’

The show has gone down very well, with viewers particularly enjoying the chasers giving each other evil eyes whenever a question is answered incorrectly…

However, some have taken issue with the contestants, finding that they’re a bit too quick-witted and confident to have been plucked from an audience…

Jenny also responded to a claim that the chasers are given easier questions than the contestants by saying ‘it’s the same single set of questions’…

Despite the usual few gripes on Twitter, the show has gone down a storm and many will be hoping it’s not long before we see it again.

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