Irish teacher shows how her outfit gets rinsed each day by her students

By Emily Mullen

November 23, 2023 at 5:26pm


Kids are nothing but consistent

Anyone who has gone through the Irish schooling system can attest to the brutality of children. Any point of difference is brutally highlighted and mercilessly slagged, I'm speaking from personal experience as someone who shaved half their hair off approximately six months before it hit the surroundings of Dublin's Rathcoole Holy Family Community School and spent the remaining term attempting to grow it out, only for Rihanna to make it cool roughly when my shingled hair hit my ear.

I'm not alone, there is a truly incredible Twitter/X thread of battle-scarred individuals recounting their foray into fashion only to be brutally brought down to earth with Irish ruthlessness.

One brave woman who is not going to let the brutality of children impact her is Miss Stout, or missstoutshistoryclass on TikTok. This history teacher is documenting her experience of being "fashionable" in a school environment, and the results are truly brilliant. Showing a video of her outfit, Miss Stout then recounts the best comment that she received from her pupils that day.

The comment she received while wearing a very fetching pink twinset, was that she looked like a "knockoff Jackie Kennedy", while on another gorgeous twin set with a metallic herringbone pattern, the comments were two-fold that she looked like a "fancy dress costume from the 1960s" and that "it looks like something that the dead Presidents' wife would wear".


Our personal fave has to be the comment about the long plaid dress with a bright red coat thrown over, which was "you look like a girl from the Big City who's come home to save the family's Christmas tree farm," which is kinda niche but I can see it.

We personally stan each outfit and beg Miss Stout not to listen to the children.

Header images/ missstoutshistoryclass on TikTok

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