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24th Nov 2021

Joanne McNally is writing a book!

Fiona Frawley

When you’ve conquered the podcast world and sold out so many Vicar Streets you pretty much need to get a mortgage out for the place, the natural next step is to write a book. Obviously.

Unless you’ve been living under a particularly secluded rock for the last year you’ll have heard Joanne on her outrageously successful podcast with Vogue Williams, My Therapist Ghosted Me (and probably had your bladder control seriously put to the test in the process). Or maybe you’ve scrambled to get tickets at one of her countless shows across Ireland, which sell out quicker than hand san during lockdown #1. But now you’ll have another way to enjoy Joanne’s gaudily gas anecdotes – she’s writing a book of them!

Joanne confirmed on her Insta that she’s signed a deal with Penguin Books to write a collection of “funny and irreverent” essays. The as-yet-untitled book will be published in autumn 2023 and will cover topics such as sex, dating, heartbreak, friendship, body image and ageing. Basically, everything we know and love Joanne for.

In conjunction with the announcement, Joanne wrote:

 I’ve always wanted to write a book and I could not be happier that I’m going to do it with Penguin. I started out in life wanting to be a journalist but was told I’d need to be prepared to sell my granny for a story and considering all my grannies were deceased, I didn’t feel I had the resources to pursue that dream, so to get an opportunity to write without having to traffic elderly people is very exciting.

Martina O’Sullivan, publisher at Penguin General said:

I’m absolutely delighted to be working with Joanne. My sister first introduced me to the podcast back in May and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Joanne is undoubtably a comic talent but, more importantly, she’s a gifted writer with a distinctive perspective and a knack for shrewd observation.

One to read on the bus into work, mask quivering with laughter as you silently pray the next stop has a nearby bathroom.

Header image via Instagram/joannemcnallycomedy

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