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03rd Sep 2021

This chart-topping Irish podcast is back for season 2

Fiona Frawley

Is there a gal in Ireland who hasn’t had been in fits of laughter under her mask while listening to My Therapist Ghosted Me?

The painfully gas podcast by Joanne McNally and Vogue Williams has spent most of the last year at the top of the Apple and Spotify podcast charts, and now it’s back for season 2.

Prepare for your Whatsapp groups to be alive once more with quotes and references from the pod firing back and forth as Joanne and Vogue return to discuss everything from dating to d*** pics.

In the preview for season 2, Joanne chats about how she takes on the personalities of whoever she’s dating – “I’d literally be like hi my name’s Darren now and I love five a side” – but like, it’s only because of her musical ear. Sure gals, can’t we all relate?

Season 2 of My Therapist Ghosted Me comes just in time as discussions around a gradual return to the office for many Irish workers began this week – cut to us all on our morning commutes frantically looking around for a discreet place to go to the bathroom when Joanne and Vogue’s hot takes on daily life get too much. Can’t wait!

Header image via Instagram/Joanne McNally 

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