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04th Apr 2020

Kodaline want your submissions for their next music video

Sarah Finnan

Kodaline music video

Fancy being in Kodaline’s next music video?

Turns out it’s more than a distinct possibility as they’re looking for fans to submit their home videos for consideration.

Intrigued? Read on.

Putting the call out on social media, Kodaline revealed that they’re looking for fans’ help in creating the music video for their new song Saving Grace.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, lead singer of the band Steve Garrigan can be heard saying:

“With your camera phone, we want you to capture a day in the life of your world while you’re staying at home and keeping your community safe from the coronavirus.

We will edit as many of the videos as we can together and then it will be released on the 1st of May… we really look forward to seeing your videos.”

The guys are hoping that the resulting video will help to spread the message that life isn’t so bad when you’re at home with your family and friends.

“We want to celebrate the feeling of being at home with your loved ones and try to celebrate the lighter side of this tragic pandemic.”

Video submissions should be shot in landscape mode and can be one continuous shot or multiple shots (no longer than two minutes in length). Head to the Kodaline website for full details.

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