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13th Aug 2021

Looking for a laugh? Here’s a selection of the best of Irish Dad TikTok

Fiona Frawley

At this stage in life, going down a TikTok hole is an essential essential part of self care.

Nothing says you’re doing well like opening up the app and not looking up from your phone until approx. 4 hours later. There are so many gems to discover, and the fact that the vids are never more than a minute long works in the favour of our ever-depleting attention spans. But we all know TikTok can sometimes be an overwhelming beast – you watch one lip sync video and before you know it your For You Page is exclusively American Nun content and you don’t know how to adjust it. Okay, that’s just a personal experience I had recently but I’m sure someone out there relates.

So to keep things nice and easy we’re going to focus on one subcategory for today – Irish Dad TikTok. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and probably try and sneakily film your own dad next time he’s doing the dishes for a bitta #content. Let’s get into it.

All dads love surprises in the car, right?

Always a hard pill to swallow when someone’s actually right about the fact you missed a spot.

So crazy, we’re starting our workouts tomorrow too.

Cracking an egg and a riddle all in the one sitting. Not a bad aul morning for this lad.

A moment of silence for all the girls out their who had their dad do their hair for school back in the day.

Did we miss out your favourite Irish TikTok Dad? Let us know, we’d love to have him celebrated here with the rest of his colleagues.

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