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01st Oct 2021

The 90’s nostalgia train continues with a reunion for this girlband

Fiona Frawley

Like every other self-respecting person in their 30s, I like to tell myself the 90s was 10 years ago.

It just seems easier than facing the actual reality that time doesn’t stop and we’re all just expected to keep up with it. I’m personally still trying to come to terms with the fact that flares were in, then out, now in again, and if you’re seen wearing a pair of skinny jeans in this day and age you might as well join the local bridge team and call it a day.

That’s why it’s just easier to look backwards. Listen to the music, watch the shows and wear the clothes of our youth. It’s comforting, it’s safe, and let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s a stunning aesthetic. In the latest instalment of ~Return Of The 90s~, the one and only Sugababes have teased their reunion:

Most girlband stans will know that Little Mixes Brit acceptance speech earlier this year shone a light on the lack of appreciation for female talent in the industry. As part of their speech, they touched on the fact that they were the first girlband in history to win Best British Group. They stressed that the victory wasn’t just theirs, it was for all the iconic girlbands who never got the credit they deserved, including the Sugababes. Since then, the Sugababes obsession has been well and truly reignited, and seeing them on the front of a magazine with the OG line up including our girl Siobhan (up the Irish) is an absolute joy. Between this and the addition of Sabrina to Amazon Prime, we’re all up in our nostalgia gig.

Header image via Instagram/sugababes

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