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07th Mar 2018

11 Of The Most Annoying Things People Do On Instagram


Instagram is a fabulous place, full of gorgeous travel inspo and drool-worthy food. 

It’s a great medium for expressing yourself – but some people should really keep away from it…

Here are eleven of the most irritating things people tend to do on Insta. 

1. Endless selfies

Ok, we get it. You’re a total babe. 

Can you please post something other than your own face every once in a while? 

2. Gym pics

We really don’t want to see photos of your #bootygainz. They just remind us how lazy we are. 

Gym Selfie

3. Inspirational quotes

“If you can dream it, you can be it.” 

Make it stop. 

4. Smug couple pics

You’re curled up in bed with bae again I see. Oh, he got you a Michael Kors bag? That’s great. 


5. Too many hashtags

#Do #you #really #need #50 #hashtags?

6. Too many pictures at once

We don’t want to see 5,6433 snaps from your trip to Thailand. 

Show a little restraint. 

7. No pictures at all 

Liking other people’s pictures but never posting anything is like going to a party and standing in the corner in silence. 

It’s weird. 


8. Terrible food pictures

We’re not gonna lie, we love food, but pictures of half-eaten or incredibly boring meals have got to go. 

9. Too many memes

You can get away with posting a couple of memes, but don’t let them take over your whole feed. 

10. Excessive filters

Filters are great, but there’s no need to use the most extreme ones and turn up the brightness until you look like you don’t have a nose. 

11. Clichéd travel pics

Including but not limited to: early morning pints at the airport, your passport and boarding pass, the wing of a plane in the clouds. You can do better than that, lads.

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