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13th Nov 2018

PIC: Penneys’ New Christmas Jumper Of Jesus And Santa Sharing A ‘Pint’ Is So Controversial That You Must Have It

Darragh Berry

The rush for finding your brand new Christmas jumper is on this year and after seeing this, we think we’ve sorted ourselves out earlier than expected.

Only problem is, this jumper is going to be so popular that everyone will want to have it.

In October 2018, Ireland voted to remove blasphemy from the Constitution by a landslide 64.85% to 35.15%.

And it looks like Penneys wasted no time in taking advantage of the removal by putting the two most talked about figures at Christmas, side-by-side.

Santa And Jesus Jumper Main

Photo credit: Ciaraíoch

On the left you have the big man himself, Santa Claus.

In his hand, good old Saint Nick holds a ‘pint’ carton which says ‘water’ on the side while he winks at the camera.

Also winking at the camera is a man who looks like and dresses like the pictures we see of Jesus Christ from the bible.

JC – with his beard – is also winking at the camera while stood arm in arm with Santa. He’s also holding up a peace sign, as you do.

At the small price of €12, we have a feeling that these jumpers are going to fly out of the store this year.

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