PIC: A Very Well Known Irish Song Is Set To Be On Ed Sheeran's Latest Album

Well, we didn't see this one coming...

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So, we've all heard the news. 

That the High Priest of Soundness, Mr Ed Sheeran, is FINALLY back making music, and rumours of at least two Irish-themed tunes are set to grace his album.

Happy days! 

However, we've had a more recent update since then. The cryptic songwriter just posted this image on his Twitter just moments ago, spinning the rumour mill into overdrive that these 12 songs will be the makings of his latest album. 

Naturally, the fans went a bit nuts. 

But the one thing we noticed?

That's right - GALWAY GIRL.


That's going to be an absolute cracker. We can't wait!

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Kate Demolder

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