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29th Jun 2017

PIC: Everyone Needs To Read Ryan Tubridy’s Lovely Letter To His 16-Year-Old Self

James Fenton

Say what you like about Ryan Tubridy but no one can deny he’s a smart man. 

The host of The Late Late Show is never averse to sharing his pearls of wisdom either on his Friday night chat show or his daily slot on RTÉ Radio 1.

Today, he read out a letter he has penned to his 16-year-old self and it really is filled with words of advice would serve any teenager, or adult for that matter, well. 

It reads:

Dear Ryan,

First things first, it gets better. 

You get better, the world is fairer and all that talking you’re doing and all those sports classes you are avoiding, that’s all fine too, it all stands to you in the end. 

You are 16, not at all successful with the girls and, essentially, you haven’t a clue about way too many things for a fellow your age.

The handsome guys are doing all the scoring both on and off the pitch and I’m afraid you are just a spectator, both on and off the pitch.

Being a teenager is a pain in the ass, but you are happy enough embracing your inner nerd, not a geek…but you are a nerd and that’ll stand to you too.

For the moment you are a victim of the tyranny of beauty that is the rule of law at your age. Hang in there my man, it gets better.”

Talk to your brothers and sisters a little more, they matter more than you think or know.

Hug your folks, there’s great love there too.

Go fishing, enjoy that first Guinness, keep cracking the gags despite them being rather unfunny and keep talking, always keep talking.

You also have extraordinary good fortune, exciting opportunities and two little girls waiting for you with arms as wide as the grins on their beautiful face.

You mope a bit, get a bit spotty, and have really dodgy Jason Donovan hair but you have to believe me, it gets better. 

Read, laugh, flirt, hug, love, mess, indulge your quirks and keep your family close.

Until then young man.

The elder lemon.”

Wow. It’s like your writing a letter to me an’ all, Ryan. 

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Is anyone else reminded of the ‘Wear Sunscreen’ song?

(pic: RTÉ Radio 1)

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