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29th Jun 2017

PIC: Fans Of ‘The Simpsons’ Will Absolutely Love This Sideshow Bob Reference

James Fenton

Any Simpsons fans worth their salt will know that the series went to shite around season 10. 

However, any reference to the old classics are still very much appreciated. One of the hallmarks of these early seasons was Sideshow Bob’s obsession with murdering Bart Simpson.

A tweet was posted last night which referenced that very subplot and it’s certainly gained a lot of traction. See if you recognise the gag. 

For anyone who’s scratching their heads, the joke refers to Sideshow Bob’s tattoo reading ‘Die Bart Die’ from the season five episode ‘Cape Feare’ which the Kelsey Grammar-voiced villain tried to pass off as German for ‘The Bart, the’.  

Brilliant. We’ve seen thousands of Eddie Stobart trucks pass by on our travels and yet we’ve never thought of it. We do, of course, hope no one was hurt and the truck was secured as soon as possible.

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