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03rd Apr 2018

PIC: Guinness Cans For Sale In Japan Have A Lot Of Irish People VERY Confused


First of all, let’s just make things known that it’s a proven fact* that Guinness drank outside of Ireland just isn’t the same. 

Agreed? Agreed. Which is why when we spotted a photo of Guinness cans for sale in Japan by Reddit user mlargh with the caption ‘WTF Japan’, we thought they we just giving out for Japan selling cans of Guinness. Fair. 

But then we realised something was amiss…

*My tastebuds prove this 

All seems fine at first glance… Just some nice tasty Guinness, right?

Screen Shot 2017 12 13 At 14 25 25

But then you notice something’s not quite right. Is that… Is that really a BRITISH flag?

Screen Shot 2017 12 13 At 14 26 10

It sure is. 

Commenters on Reddit are getting pretty worked up about whether or not the Japanese store is correct to label Guinness as a British drink. 

Some people are of the opinion that since Guinness is historically Irish, and so should be represented with an Irish flag.

Screen Shot 2017 12 13 At 14 31 21

Whereas others are saying that because Guinness is owned by Diageo, a UK company, it’s perfectly right that there’s a British flag beside the cans 

Screen Shot 2017 12 13 At 14 31 59

Hmm. What do you think?

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