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19th Apr 2018

PIC: Has Ireland Officially Gone Too Far With The Royal Wedding Fever?


The date of Saturday May 19 has long been circled in the calendar for some wedding fanatics as the day Prince Harry and Megan Markle will say ‘I do’, but while we assumed it would mostly be our pals across the pond who’d be freaking out, it looks like a lot of Irish people are eagerly awaiting the big day. 

First, we wrote about a Greystones theatre that will be showing the Royal wedding live on the big screen. Grand, we’re all for a bit of popcorn and a show. 

But going all out buying decorations and throwing your own Royal wedding party at home? Hmm…

That’s what Woodies party zone reckons people across Ireland will be doing, if the looks of their Royal Wedding Party section is anything to go by. 

You can get Union Jack flags, bunting, balloons, dicky bows…

Screen Shot 2018 04 19 At 10 19 01

And our personal favourite (and simultaneous worst nightmare): Royal family masks


Screen Shot 2018 04 19 At 10 27 29

Are people really so excited for this wedding that they would wear a mask of the Queen? Please, let us know. 

And maybe send us an invite?

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