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13th Feb 2020

Picture This cover new Jonas Brothers song in very unusual way

Sarah Finnan

Picture This TikTok

We’re fully obsessed with TikTok here in Lovin.

Currently on tour with the Jonas Brothers as part of their Happiness Begins tour, the boys have been keeping busy playing sold-out shows across Europe.

Already having visited Ireland for a performance at the 3Arena last month, the group is set to play Switzerland tonight before heading to Italy for Valentine’s Day and Spain after that.

Thankfully it’s not all work and no play though as the Irish foursome have still found time for TikTok. Priorities, am I right?

Band member Owen Cardiff seemed to flirt with the idea of making a TikTok account especially for the tour, tweeting: “I might make a TikTok account for this tour!”.

And thankfully he followed through on his word. Taking a leaf out of the Jo Bros’ book, Picture This gave fans their take on What A Man Gotta Do. And it’s absolutely top class.

Now, that’s talent. Cue the “how many Picture This band members does it take to play a guitar” jokes.

Drawing inspiration from their tour mates in more ways than one -Joe, Nick and Kevin are no strangers to the TikTok scene themselves with their videos including the likes of this…

And this…

Iconic really.

TikTok is a wormhole of hilarious content. It’s no wonder I get so little done.

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