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17th Oct 2018

WATCH: Piers Morgan Gets Pie Smashed In His Face On Live TV

James Fenton

Before reading further you might want to take a seat…

Ready? Piers Morgan has become embroiled in an online spat with thousands of Twitter users sparked by his pig-headed opinions on trivial topics. Shocking, right?

The object of Morgan’s ire this week is fathers who use papooses to carry their babies. Now, if you’re anything like me you’ll have had no idea what a papoose is. What I’ve learned is it’s basically a child-carrier which you attach to your body and it looks to me like something that would make the life of a mother or father that bit easier. Nothing wrong with that, right?

A picture of James Bond star Daniel Craig using a papoose seemed to have exacerbated Piers rage and a number of high profile figures, including Captain America’s Chris Evans have hit back at the Good Morning Britain presenter…

The debate was still boiling over this morning when comedian Harry Hill appeared on the breakfast show and wasted no time in letting Piers no about his views.

The below clip shows Hill smashing a pie into the face of the presenter while saying “This pie is for all those men that wear papooses…”

He won’t forget that in a hurry. Maybe Piers will think twice about winding the whole world up from now on. Then again, maybe not.

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