Remember when two identical strangers sat beside each other on a Ryanair flight

By Katy Thornton

September 9, 2022 at 2:53pm


What in The Parent Trap is this?


This story may be seven years old, but it's no less bonkers now than it ever was, so we're bringing it back to recent memory.

According to Irish Central, the two men, Neil Thomas Douglas and Robert Stirling, were on a Ryanair flight Shannon Airport in 2015, sitting down beside one another before realising that they are, in fact, basically the same person.

I mean... the resemblance is uncanny! Lee Beattie (@leebeattie), friend of Douglas's wife, uploaded the photo she received of the pair to Twitter, saying:

"Guy on the right is the husband of my friend @elrottencrotch. Guy on left is a STRANGER he met on a flight last night!"


As if this wasn't weird enough, the two men met again in a Galway hotel, and then later at the pub. If this doesn't sound like The Parent Trap I don't know what does...

Despite this story being seven years old, it's still absolutely gas. We wonder if these identical strangers kept in touch after meeting on the Ryanair flight. Considering they're probably long lost twins, we certainly hope so.

Header image via Twitter/leebeattie

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