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18th Sep 2018

Roxanne Pallett Lied About One More Thing Regarding ‘Punchgate’ With Ryan Thomas It Seems

Darragh Berry

Ryan Thomas featured on the This Morning show on Tuesday morning with Philip and Holly and revealed something truly shocking.

You’ll remember that Celebrity Big Brother star, Roxanne Pallett, left the show after allegedly being punched by Ryan Thomas during a play fight.

Over 11,000 complaints were received by Ofcom after the 35-year-old actress claimed Corrie star Ryan Thomas had carried out the attack, which footage showed was not the case.

Since then, Pallett has admitted that she is beyond sorry and even said that she had sent Thomas a hand-written apology.

But, it turns out that, that could very well be a lie as the letter – which was written almost two weeks ago – still hasn’t been received by the Corrie Star.

When asked about the letter by hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Ryan said:

“I’ve heard [about this letter] but I haven’t received one.”

As well as this, Ryan said that the whole ordeal really messed with his mind and he was left second guessing everything.

“I questioned myself. I even questioned, “Did I hurt this woman?” It was so nothing to me, and maybe I caught her with my ring or on her arm, I was even questioning what happened because everyone was making such a thing out of it.”

He said that hearing the crowd’s chants which were aimed at getting Roxanne out was the only thing that made him realise he wasn’t in the wrong.

“You’re not supposed to hear what happens on the outside but that sort of clarification for me was massive. You’ll see me crying again because it was a relief of the public giving me something I needed right then.”

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