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23rd Aug 2021

Roy Keane shows his softer side in his latest Insta post

Fiona Frawley

If you’re looking for sarcastic but wholesome Irish dad vibes on Insta, Roy Keane is a great man for the follow.

Since he appeared on the Late Late a couple of years ago along with a puppy and a ten year old Man United fan, the truth was revealed to the nation – Keano’s actually a massive softie.

Since then he’s been leaning into his new role on his Insta, with an abundance of adorable posts featuring his kids and grandkids. Obviously, as a Cork man he’s contractually obliged to add in a hint of sarcasm but he can’t hide from us. He’s a cutie, through and through. Exhibit A:

We never had him down as a Paw Patrol stan but look, stranger things have happened. He can say he did it for the grandkids, but just look at that smile! He’s in his element. This is less about the kids, and more about Keano secretly thinking he looks great in blue (obviously not a colour he’d have had the chance to don in his previous life) and identifying with Chase on a personal level. In any case, get onto him for your next function. Christenings, birthday parties, funerals – he’s versatile.

Header image via Instagram/officialkeane16

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