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17th Dec 2018

PIC: There’s A Genius ‘Mistake’ In This Year’s RTÉ Guide Christmas Edition

Darragh Berry

Would it be Christmas in an Irish household if there wasn’t an edition of the RTÉ Guide hanging around the place?

Sure, we have digital television now which tells us what’s on the box a week in advance.

And, we can always check the listings on our phone without even going near a television.

But, there’s still something special about going into the shop and purchasing the Christmas edition of the Guide.

And this year’s has a real memorable treat inside as this genius ‘mistake’ was left in the final cut of the guide.

Rte Guide Mistake Main

KindergaRTÉn Cop.

Is it a joke? Is it a typo?

We’re still trying to get our heads around it to be honest.

But either way, it looks good for RTÉ because if it was a typo, everyone will just think that it was a clever way of the Guide to get the three letters in there.

And if it was meant to be put in there, well played.

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